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Terms of Enrollment

This is a planned maintenance agreement provided to you by Cavalry Air Care to extend warranty and Lifetime Air Care. Maintenance must be performed on an annual basis and will be renewed automatically on the anniversary date of initial service. You will be notified by phone, text or to schedule service. Service can be cancelled at any time with a 30 day written notice.

Annual Investment

Standard Annual Maintenance $ 285 first system $200 each additional system at same address. Additional Filter Change Service is available, ask us for details and pricing.

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Preventive Maintenance doesn’t cost. It Saves!

Cavalry Annual Indoor Air Quality Maintenance Program includes:

  1. Clean Returns (up to 2 per system)
  2. Check Supply Plenum and Collars
  3. Check for Microbial Growth in System
  4. Check all Vents, Registers & Grills
  5. Clean and Treat Evaporator Coil with Cal-shild to repel dirt and keep coil clean longer
  6. Inspect Drain Pan & Clean to Prevent Drain Clogs
  7. Check and Replace Filter or Media, if needed. (Custome to provide filters)
  8. Check Fresh Air Intake
  9. Check IAQ Equipment to include Air Purifier, lonizer, Electrostatic Filter and UV Light
  10. BioProtect Antimicrobial System fog to prevent bacteria and mold

Additional Benefits

  • Improved System Efficiency
  • Extended Equipment Life Expectancy
  • Better Indoor Air Quality
  • Extends Duct Cleaning Warranty for 1 Additional Year.
  • No charge for service calls
  • Agreement is Transferable
  • 20% Loyalty Discount off any other future indoor air quality products or services.
San Antonio, TX
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