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If every breath you take in your home affects your health, you want to have the very best purification and filtration systems installed. Purification takes your indoor air quality one level higher, both filtering out large particles and cleansing the air of harmful microbes. There are several choices for your purification installation, and ultraviolet (UV) light filtration is one of the most effective.

Cavalry Air Care knows that every home is unique — and you deserve a custom solution to your indoor air quality concerns. We don’t recommend all purification systems to our customers, but we know we can find the one that matches your needs perfectly. Now, what the heck is UV light filtration and how does it clean your air?

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What’s UltraViolet Light Filtration?

This kind of purification process uses ultraviolet light waves to eradicate microorganisms in your air and HVAC system. To understand this process, you need to know a little bit about light waves. UV light is a form of light that is invisible to the human eye and is located between visible light and x-rays on the electromagnetic spectrum. 

Light is measured in wavelengths and frequency, and UV light has a high frequency. Higher frequency means higher energy, so the higher frequency UV light you have, the more damage it’s capable of inflicting. 

There are three kinds of UV light:

  • UVA — This light wave is the lowest frequency of the three, including blacklights. 
  • UVB — This light has a higher frequency than UVA, and it’s the kind that gives us sunburns and skin cancer.
  • UVC — With the highest frequency of the three, UVC light has the most capacity for damage. This is the light that UV light kits use to kill germs!

How Does UVC Light Kill Germs?

UVC is a naturally occurring light created by the sun, but it never actually reaches the Earth’s surface. The ozone layer blocks UVC light, making every living organism vulnerable to it since we evolved without exposure to it. This is how UVC light kills germs. When exposed to UVC light, bacteria, viruses, and fungi take damage to their DNA.

DNA in an organism is what allows them to grow and duplicate, so taking DNA damage is highly effective in stopping the spread of germs. In fact, viruses are the most susceptible to UVC light and the fatal blow it gives. When we use other sanitizers against viral germs, some viruses have evolved to repair the damage that is inflicted on them and recover. However, damage from UVC light is done on the cellular level, making it much more effective at completely killing those pesky germs. 

UV Light Kit Installation

There are UV lights that are designed to be portable or for smaller spaces — like a room-by-room basis. However, the most effective strategy for your home could be a whole-home UV light filtration system. These units are installed within your existing HVAC system, ensuring that all air running through the conditioning and filtering process is also covered by UVC light. 

The majority of microorganisms that pose a danger to your home aren’t even actually in your air! All the moisture inside your HVAC and ductwork is the perfect environment for organisms to thrive. That’s why focusing the UVC light on a commonly moist area is usually a good idea. Plus, the longer that UVC light can sit on an area, the less likely it is for anything to survive. More powerful UV light systems can even kill germs in the air as they pass by!

Interested In UV Light?

Cavalry Air Care is dedicated to your home’s health. That means we evaluate your indoor air quality needs completely before suggesting a course of action. In the event that your home could benefit from UVC light filtration, we’re the team you want to complete your installation. Call on the Cavalry to make your air cleaner than it’s ever been!

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